Assessments of Course Performance (ACPs) are the fall and spring semester final exams used by the district. The test scores are used as part of the students’ summative evaluation grades K-12. They are created in collaboration with Teaching and Learning.


  • ACPs are secure tests.
  • Standard ACPs are administered with student test booklets.
  • Performance ACPs are demonstrative components of an SE. The students’ final grade is combined with a non-traditional test and a standard test.
  • They assess the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Student Expectations (SEs), objectives based on the district’s curriculum guides.
  • ACPs are created for courses in Mathematics, Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, English as a Second language (ESL), World Languages, Technology, Health and Fine Arts.
    (Please review the ACP blueprints for a complete listing of tests by grade and content area.)
  • Data from the tests are summarized and presented on MyData Portal, for district and campus administrators and teachers who use the information to make instructional decisions.
  • ACPs, per Board Policy, are a part of the course and represent 15% of a semester grade in high school and 10% of a semester grade in middle school. For Elementary school, the ACP represents 5% of the semester grade for grades 3-5. These test scores must be present to award course credit.


Vertical Assessment Overview

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Early Childhood ACP Blueprint Snapshot

Test Dates

Standard ACPs

  • Fall ACP Testing Dates: Elementary and Secondary - December 16-22

  • Spring ACP Testing Dates: Secondary – May 26-June 1