Written Compositions measure the students’ writing skills and progress. The district provides this resource to allow teachers to assess the students’ work by using State STAAR rubrics, where available, or district derived rubrics.


  • All campuses will receive student test booklets and administrator guides to facilitate to administer from December to February.
  • Teachers will score the essays individually and use the results as an instructional tool.

Taken from: ACP manual and department website

Assessments of Course Performance (ACPs) are the semester final exams used by the district for grades 6-12 secondary students. Testing periods are scheduled for the fall and spring semesters. (See the districtwide testing schedule.) This manual is a companion to the ACP Test Administrator Manual and the District Test Security Manual.

ACPs are secure tests. They assess the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), student expectations, objectives and are intended to be used in conjunction with teacher judgment, student class work and student homework in determining semester grades and TEKS mastery. Please refer to the district grading policy regarding instructional activities, placement decisions and awarding course credit. This manual will only address ACP test administration.

District website:

Assessment of Course Performance
Assessments of Course Performance (ACPs) are created in collaboration with Teaching and Learning, and are used each semester in grades K through 12 as part of the students’ summative evaluation. ACPs are created for courses in mathematics, reading/language arts, science, social studies, English as a second language (ESL), world languages, technology, health and fine arts. Data from the tests are summarized and presented on MyData Portal, for district and campus administrators and individual teachers who use the information to make instructional decisions. ACPs, per Board Policy, are a part of the course and represent 15% of a semester grade in High School and 10% of a semester grade in Middle School. For Elementary School, the ACP represents 5% of the semester grade for Grades 3-5.

Written Composition Assessments
Written Composition Assessments measure students writing skills and progress. In January, Grades K-12 undergo a written composition assessment. Teachers assess the students work using State STAAR rubrics, where available, or district derived rubrics.